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Deliver stylish, functional and valid projects.

Code semantically so that designs degrade gracefully.

Push the boundary of what is possible with pure XHTML & CSS design.


I'd be happy to provide a more detailed explanation of anything discussed in this section. All you need to do is ask.


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Need a new look? A brand new site? Just want to spruce up something you've been working on? Then you've found the right place.

Our goal is to is to open a dialogue and discuss, informally, what you would like to do versus how you are doing it now. A brief break down of issues we can discuss include:

  1. What your business is
  2. How you do business
  3. Where you do business
  4. Who your market is
  5. How the internet can help you target your market further
  6. What technologies would fit into your business model
  7. Whether you need a web site or not

We've been doing this for over 10 years now, and it's what we love. You can be sure that any project we take on will more than meet your needs and expectations.

Although we specialize in web design and implementation, we've also become adept at identifying how digital media such as Podcasting and video applications can increase productivity and provide training and documentation solutions for companies like Yours!
Even if you don't think your a candidate for Digital Coaching Contact us. It can't hurt to chat!
Rest assured if it turns out that what you need has nothing do with us, we will make sure that you are pointed in the right direction. It's more important to us that you get the correct answers rather than making sure you do business with us! Integrity matters to us...and we are sure it matters to YOU!


The Basics

  • Register your Domain.
  • Host your Domain.
  • Code your web pages.

We can do it all for you or we can just focus on the last part.
The coding!

So lets focus on why you really need us ... the last part...

In order to make sure you're happy with the final product, this is how we go about designing a new site:

  1. Talk with you to find out what your needs are. This helps us determine what technology is right for you and what style of site YOU would like.
  2. Get a list of URLs of sites you like. This way we can be sure your site will have the look you want.
  3. Design an initial mockup in Photoshop so that I can get your feedback early in the design process.
  4. Modify the mockup according to your comments & suggestions.
  5. Code the site's interface and put in skeleton content so you can see the site in action.
  6. Modify the interface if you have any concerns or change requests.
  7. Finalize the site's design.
  8. Ensure that you are comfortable modifying it (if designing a template) or enter in your content (if it's a complete design project).

Beyond the Basics

Once your site is published. You'll need to let everyone know it's there!

Which brings us to the most Important Part.


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Costing a project in web design is a fluid process. Each project is unique and so there is no hard and fast rule for how much to charge. That being said, here are some average costs (all prices in USD):

  • Logo design: $75 to $150
  • Intergrate Digital Media into your business model: $100 to $200
  • Template re-design: $100 to $200
  • Custom template: $200 to $300
  • Site optimization: $250 to $300
  • Complete design: $300 to $800
  • Flash design: $800 to $1000

For database driven web sites, you will need to contact us since the level of work required is highly variable.

In the end you should know that we will work with you on all aspects of your site, including price. We are in business to help the individual or small business. We want to see you succeed! As such we don't walk or talk like a consultant. Their are plenty of them available out there. Good ones too. Thats why we refer to ourselves as digital coaches. If I determine that I am not the right fit for you...I will point you in the right direction ...at no cost!

I also like to help young people get started and gear my pricing and support accordingly. So contact us and lets see what kind of ideas you have!


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Here's a group sites that I use for web and graphic design. Watch it though, some of them will suck you in and spit you out with 4 hours of your life missing...


Netit Together was started by Bruce Keller in 2003. Mr. Keller saw a developing need for Technology awareness as it pertained to small and home business startups. Having 25 years of Networking experience to his credit he saw that, aside from basic web design, most companies were simply not aware of the impact the emerging social networking and digital technology could have on their companies.

You can benefit from his experience by Contatcting him for a FREE evaluation of how Netit Together can help you. Whether you currently have a Web presence our not.

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